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Montevideo, ZIU 682B
Esteban  29.03.2013 10:22

Hi all;
My name is Esteban Martínez. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay. I'm member of Montevidean Transport Enthusiasts Association (AMDET in spanish) We're restoring an Ansaldo San Giorgio-OMFP trolleybus from 1962, wich was thw last model of vehicle ranning in the Montevideo system, closed on january 26th, 1992. It was the nº 29 of Trolleybus Cooperative (COOPTROL). That company plans in late 80's to buy a lot of 50 ZIU 682B, but it never was materialized. We will want try to obtain a trolleybus of that model in Russia and move it to Montevideo to show it as the possibility never done of the future system in 1992. We need your help to ask about avalaible vehicles, prices, and shipping costs and conditions.

Regards to everybody,


Re: Montevideo, ZIU 682B
Railmusicradio  12.08.2014 16:28

Could you please specify here azovhorizon at gmail.com ? The problem is i`ve participated in trolley-buses delivery in your region.

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